Choosing The Right Car Tyres

Choosing the perfect tyre for your car, van or SUV can be a challenging task. In fact, choosing the correct tyres can often involve taking a number of factors into account such tackling tyre related terms like ‘tread depth’ and ‘sidewall’. For many of us however, this is little more than industry jargon. So in order to help you avoid the jargon and make the best decision for your vehicle, we’ve put together a few key areas you should consider when picking a brand new set of tyres. 

What Weather Will You Be Driving In


Here in Ireland, we are more than used to the rain. However, temperatures rarely drop below freezing. This means that many drivers tend to keep summer tyres on their vehicles all year round. Having said this, ensuring you buy tyres which have been designed with wet conditions in mind, such as our MH01, will make sure you stay safe on the road at all times. Despite this, increased use leads to unavoidable natural wear and tear on your tyres so we recommend you regularly inspect your tyres for damage which may present safety hazards. If you feel your car or van could do with a fresh set of tyres, why not find your local Dynamo Tyres dealer and let us take care of the rest.

A Road With Snow on Either Side

The Vehicle You Drive


This may seem obvious, perhaps even more than obvious, but the vehicle you drive dictates the most suitable tyres for you. For example, if you drive a van, you will need commercial load rated tyres. The manual which comes with your car, van or SUV will specify minimum load and speed ratings that are suitable to fit onto your vehicle. It’s important to follow the recommended tyre guidelines in your vehicles handbook. Choosing a cheaper alternative can often work out much more expensive in the long run as they often have poor grip and rolling resistance ratings. Rolling resistance ratings indicate how fuel efficient a tyre can be. Investing in a set of higher quality tyres may improve the performance of your vehicle drastically.  So why not browse our range our high performance tyres and see which is the best fit for your vehicle. 

Your Budget


Here at Dynamo Tyres, we have spent years painstakingly researching and designing the best tyres possible. Our hard work and dedication means that no matter your price range, you can rest assured we will have the perfect tyre for you here at Dynamo Tyres. By offering exceptional performance at an exceptional price, Dynamo Tyres aim to become your go to tyre supplier for years to come.