Do Tyres Affect Performance?

Tyres can impact the performance of your car or van in a number of ways and ensuring that your car or van is always fitted with suitable tyres is one of the fundamental elements of safe, efficient driving. However, despite this tyres are often overlooked as an important factor in relation to vehicle performance. When we think of the most important aspects which impact on vehicle performance, we often simply think of engines, gearboxes and terms such as horsepower or torque. However, when it comes to the overall performance of your vehicle, your tyres can also play a huge part in making sure you get the most out of your car or van. 

Do Tyres Affect Fuel Consumption?

Tyres affect fuel consumption primarily through rolling resistance. Once you push down on the accelerator, you are transferring energy from the engine to other systems in your vehicle. This is what causes your tyres to turn. Rolling resistance is unavoidable but despite this, in order to minimize the rolling resistance of your tyres you can seek out tyres which have been specifically designed to utilize low rolling resistance.

As well as this, if you are concerned about the fuel consumption of your vehicle, you can check the tyre efficiency rating for your tyres. The higher the fuel efficiency rating of your tyres, the better your fuel consumption will be. If you would like to learn more about this, why not contact a member of our team here at Dynamo Tyres today.

Fuel efficiency hass also been linked to tyre pressure. The lower your tyre pressure, the more likely they are to bend and be influenced by the surface you are travelling on. To combat this, you should regularly check your tyre pressure to ensure it is always at its optimal level. If your tyres are under inflated, you also run the risk of a puncture.

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Do Tyres Affect Handling?


Tyres can also affect the road handling of your vehicle. One of the key areas in which this is the case is in with regard to rigidity. Tyres which are softer tend to offer more traction with the road, despite typically having a shorter lifespan than that of more rigid tyres. Due to the fact that more of the tyre is in constant contact with the road, softer tyres also tend to wear out quicker despite their improved handling capabilities. Both rigid and soft tyres have their own distinct advantages and in choosing your own tyre, be sure to asses your own needs in relation to the handling of your vehicle.

Do Tyres Affect Road Safety?


Tyre maintenance is one of the key components of road safety.

According to the Road Safety Authority of Ireland, “There is no component in your car that’s as likely to contribute to a crash as your tyres.” On average, 14 road deaths are tyres are noted as a contributory factor. One of the primary explanations for this is that many of us simply take our tyres and the condition of our tyres for granted. Ensuring you regularly inspect your tyres for nicks or damage, as well as maintaining your recommended levels of tyre pressure will help to lessen the risk of your tyres contributing towards an accident.

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